Tropical Thouhts

Porto Marie Beach Curacao
Porto Marie Beach Curacao

For those who reside in wintery places , it is comforting to know that just a planeride away you can sit in the sun and enjoy tropical temperatures.
I am referring to the island of Curaçao, former Dutch colony , just in between Aruba and Bonaire.
Divers paradise, nice cosy beaches, heaven for deep sea fishing, three golf courses, year round temps of 26 C at night and round 30 during the day. Sometimes you can see the shores of Venezuela , that is only 40 miles away.
Friendly people an a society that is mainly run by women.
Once a week you fly directly  from New York and Toronto Canada to paradise island Curaçao
Rent a nice mansion for instance on Coral Estate, and enjoy the whole range of nearby beaches
See you soon! In Curaçao