Blogging in a foreign language

No easy way out.

When I subscribed for this course, I realized that it was all in English. My native language is Dutch.  When I went to basic school and our equivalent of high school, we had to learn English, French and German.  Until today, many years further in time, I still am glad that we had to take these courses.  Only 20 million people or so, speak Dutch. So we have to learn other languages to get ahead in the world.  I had fair use for English and French and we had businesspartners in Germany. During my professional life I picked up a lot of the Spanish language.  Although not flawless , it has been to good use for me.

Now I live on an island in the Caribbean , where people speak Papiamento , an eclectic mixture of Portugese, African, Spanish,English and Dutch. In Curacao they write it phonetic, so every acquaintance with Spanish words is killed.   The local people think it is rude that foreigners living on the island, can not speak their language. Most of the older people speak Dutch. Half the population of Curacao lives in Holland an still they want me to learn their language.  Basic schools in Curacao only teach Papiamento though, English and Spanish are more important in this part of the world.


My start with computer

Blogging 101 start

My name is Peter van Linden and I am Dutch.

I divide my time living in The Netherlands and on the Caribean island of Curaçao. 

I am a widower for almost 25 years and my partner of 23 years owns a house in the tropics.

My interest are broad. Starting as a shopkeeper in ladies fashion, with a lot of hobbies. Photography was one of them, in the time you needed a darkroom, developer and photographic paper.

Photos were mostly black and white. When you wanted coulor, you made slides.

Quite a difference with todays photo practice.My interest in computers dates from 1978, when I bougt my first TRS80 from Tandy. 16 kilobytes was the memory and you needed a course in basic language to get that thing working. 

Due to many updates at last I only had to shake the keyboard, and the screws fell out. This was before IBM introdudced the microcomputer and Microsoft became a world power.  To be continued.

Blogging 101

Tropical Thouhts

Porto Marie Beach Curacao
Porto Marie Beach Curacao

For those who reside in wintery places , it is comforting to know that just a planeride away you can sit in the sun and enjoy tropical temperatures.
I am referring to the island of Curaçao, former Dutch colony , just in between Aruba and Bonaire.
Divers paradise, nice cosy beaches, heaven for deep sea fishing, three golf courses, year round temps of 26 C at night and round 30 during the day. Sometimes you can see the shores of Venezuela , that is only 40 miles away.
Friendly people an a society that is mainly run by women.
Once a week you fly directly  from New York and Toronto Canada to paradise island Curaçao
Rent a nice mansion for instance on Coral Estate, and enjoy the whole range of nearby beaches
See you soon! In Curaçao