My start with computer

Blogging 101 start

My name is Peter van Linden and I am Dutch.

I divide my time living in The Netherlands and on the Caribean island of Curaçao. 

I am a widower for almost 25 years and my partner of 23 years owns a house in the tropics.

My interest are broad. Starting as a shopkeeper in ladies fashion, with a lot of hobbies. Photography was one of them, in the time you needed a darkroom, developer and photographic paper.

Photos were mostly black and white. When you wanted coulor, you made slides.

Quite a difference with todays photo practice.My interest in computers dates from 1978, when I bougt my first TRS80 from Tandy. 16 kilobytes was the memory and you needed a course in basic language to get that thing working. 

Due to many updates at last I only had to shake the keyboard, and the screws fell out. This was before IBM introdudced the microcomputer and Microsoft became a world power.  To be continued.

Blogging 101


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